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What BNI Wisconsin & U.P. Michigan Members are saying…

I am approaching my 6th anniversary with BNI. I can't believe how fast the time has passed. With that being said I have to pay tribute to my chapter, the Waukesha Networking Professionals! As a one person business, my chapter has helped me grow my business tremendously. I have acquired over half of my business from the referrals from my group. Not to mention the wonderful relationships I have made over the past 6 years. BNI is a must for any business that would like to grow their business. They support we receive from our Regional office and BNI Corporate insures we maintain a professionalism like no other networking group. We receive training and education on how to be a great networker to help each other grow our businesses. Thank you to BNI.

Patty Bernier - Bernier's Creative Services, LLC

BNI Waukesha Networking Professionals Chapter of Pewaukee


BNI has helped me personally by developing my social networking skills.  I am working on a large local account dealing with the VP-Procurement.  Things had slowed in the process.  I was at a local pub enjoying a cocktail with a friend on a Sunday evening and we started talking to the couple sitting next to me.  We shared some pizza together and as we were talking I asked him what he did.  He said he had retired but soon found out he needed to work again.  As it turns out, he is the President of the account I am working on. We exchanged business cards and the following Tuesday the VP called me and made an appointment to see me.  This was a real wake up call to the value of social networking.

Also, BNI has helped me to improve my public speaking skills by doing our Weekly Presentation in front of our chapter.  Talking in front of large groups has been much easier since I have gained more confidence by talking in front of our Chapter.

Gary McDonald - G&K Services

BNI Business Empire Chapter of Stevens Point


I belong to the Network Solutions BNI group in Green Bay, WI.  I have been in business for 10 years and last year was the first time I was engaged enough to join.  I went to one meeting and completed my application on the spot.  The group was so warm and friendly and there was a lot of energy in the group.  I am pleased to say 1 year later, I have so many new friends that happen to business professionals.  We truly are a family that wants to see each do well at their profession.  I look forward to my meetings on a weekly basis.

Heather Lindsley LUTCF - Woodmen Financial Resources

BNI Network Solutions Chapter of Green Bay


BNI has literally built my business from the ground up. I left insurance sales to hang up my shingle as a writer, and my chapter has been completely supportive. Many of them have purchased the custom "Namesakes" poems I write as a tribute to a family member or friend. What's more, one member brought a guest who turned out to be an important business contact for me. I now edit and write for a monthly magazine and that brings me a steady additional piece of income. Thanks, BNI!       

                                      Karin L. White, Quick Quill Communications

    BNI Movers and Shakers Chapter of Greenfield


There is a reason why I have belonged to BNI Green Bay Founders Chapter in Green Bay for ten plus years. It works!

Bill Koehne – Packerland Websites

BNI Green Bay Founders Chapter of Green Bay


I'm a systems person. I like things that work. BNI's system is impressive. I also like to be empowered. BNI's system empowers individuals, to get back out whatever they put in. It is a system that works in league with universal laws. I think that's why BNI as an organization has grown and is so successful for its members.

The cost is about the equivalent of a single ad in a magazine or newspaper. But you get SO much more for your dollar with this kind of marketing expenditure. Not only do the referrals grow my business -- which is the main point of it. The BNI system also gives me an opportunity to grow and develop my skills as a professional. So really, belonging to BNI is like joining a professional organization that also grows your business.  No ad anywhere--and no other professional organization I know of --- does both so effectively. Through BNI I've come to realize that giving is a skill. Giving is what we're practicing every week. And that, to me, is priceless.

My initial trepidation about joining was about committing to the weekly meetings. It seemed so onerous. "Meeting" can have such negative connotations. But the fact is, BNI is both a meeting and a practice. You learn skills, and then you practice them every week.  Practice makes perfect. Presentation skills, one-on-one networking skills, sales skills, and most importantly to me, giving skills. Miss a meeting and a chance to practice? Not if I can help it. The meetings are so fun and rewarding on multiple levels that they've become a highlight of my week. I have someone set up as a substitute -- but I rarely call on him because I find that I just don't want to miss the meetings!

Laurel Kashinn -Ghostwriter & Resume Writer

BNI Business STARs Chapter of Whitefish Bay


I have just renewed for year 3 in the Fox West BNI chapter in Greenville, WI. When I first visited this BNI group I was skeptical about joining and the return on investment to say nothing about a weekly commitment to meet. As I renewed my membership it occurred to me that there was no question about the value and it was almost without a thought that I would sign up for another year. While the idea of BNI is “Givers Gain” Give leads to receive them, overtime that simply becomes a byproduct of the process. BNI allows you to connect to other business owners in a friendly non competitive atmosphere and share insight and ideas into what is happening in the business world in a specific area. And getting to know all the other business leaders in your area provides a powerful advantage over your competition.

Fred Stoeger -Unitel Inc.

BNI Fox West Chapter of Greenville


I love BNI!  The networking is unmatched.  BNI is so much different than the "fork and knife" type groups that I have belonged to in the past. It's all business, instead of a meal, unstructured socializing and uninteresting speakers! I not only benefit financially each month from the group but I also have trusted businesses that I can count on for my own needs and the needs of friends, family and my other business associates.  My annual membership is paid for three times over each month!

Wendy Franke - N2 Publishing

BNI River City Chapter of Onalaska


The whole idea behind BNI just makes so much sense, that I can't believe everyone isn't doing it! The way that our group builds trust with one another and offers connections to the best in the area for whatever your current needs are is just so efficient. It goes back to how businesses used to run and gain customers through word of mouth referrals and follow through, while offering a community and wealth of resources to help yourself while helping others. Givers truly do gain at BNI.

Kerry Scherer - Nutritional Healing LLC

BNI Fox West Chapter of Greenville


Even though the  referrals we pass at our meeting are the reason I belong to BNI, one of the biggest referrals  I received came from a customer in Minnesota  who located me from the BNI Wisconsin regional web site an referred me to his mother.

Brian Wright - Wright Plumbing & Soil Testing Inc.

BNI Ten Fold Network Chapter of Beaver Dam


When I joined, I was a new, independent business owner.  I was confident in the services I was selling, but you wouldn't have guessed it by the way I gave my 60-second speeches, let alone a dreadful 10-minute speech.  Taking the very inexpensive classes offered by BNI to help with public speaking and the weekly repetition of speaking in public, I have now gained the confidence I needed to sell my business's services.  After running the numbers after my first full year, I was amazed at how high the referral number was for my business as well as the percentage of sales from these referrals.  Thank you BNI for the jump in business, sales and for helping me raise my confidence in public speaking.

Jamie Carlson - Carlson Wellness, LLC.  

BNI West One Chapter of Brookfield


After just having our kick-off for the new Business Empire BNI chapter and not being able to get totally into the “Givers Gain” philosophy.   I’m looking forward to promoting the businesses of our members in our Chapter.  So far with little effort being a member of BNI have been very beneficial to our company. I decided to join the new BNI group in Stevens Point after see the success of my business partner, who has been a member of the Fox West BNI chapter in the Appleton area for the past two years.  Our company being members of the two BNI chapters have given us a very powerful advantage over competition.

Jim Anderson - Unitel, Inc.

BNI Business Empire Chapter of Stevens Point